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Wedding Monograms (Hebrew)
Wedding Monograms

Its a specialty combining the Hebrew letters or initials of a new couple's names often with their new shared last initial into a meaningful design for their wedding invitation.

On the top left, you can see the Hebrew initials 'aleph' (א) and 'shin' (ש) of the bride and groom's first names sit as burning flames atop the last name initial 'gimmel' (ג) and its symmetrical counterpart as Shabbat candlesticks.

A common theme is flowers. Left of center: 'gimmel' (ג), 'aleph' (א) and 'pey' (פ) form branches holding three flowers of the bride, the groom and G-d who unites them.

In the large middle illustration the Hebrew names, 'Yitzchak' (יצחק) and 'Ilana' (אילנה) are each embedded in a flower and his flower holds hers as they dance together.

The top-right illustration shows the bride's initial 'tet' (ט) and the groom's 'dalid' (ד) uniting in a single flower which is formed in the shape of the last initial 'ayin' (ע).

Other designs, like those in the bottom right, make their own less literal shapes and can be embossed beautifully on wedding invitations.

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