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"Walk the Land" for The Afikim Foundation
Walk the Land

The Afikim Foundation

Target Audience:
Jewish community leaders and Jews around the world.

To promote a one-time global event through viral email marketing; to drive traffic to the event website for more information.

With Israel's National Anthem as the background music and using a combination of photos and narration, the movie reminds people of their emotional, deep-rooted connection to the Land of Israel and the State of Israel. The call to action is purposefully vague to encourage people to visit the website for more information.

While the movie was still circulating, the organization relayed requests from community leaders all over the world who were interested in participating and each one wanted a copy of the movie in a format that could be played at events in their communities.

Client Response:
"Ilan, thank you for your creativity and diligence in writing and creating our "Walk the Land" promotional movie. You were a pleasure to work with, exhibiting patience and conscientiousness while attending to my comments in great detail. Best of all, the movie has received an array of compliments from our viewers worldwide!"

Karen Hochberg
Director of Community Programs
The Afikim Foundation