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"Pass It On" / birthright Israel Alumni
Pass It On

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

Motivate alumni of UJA Federation's birthright program to help recruit others for the program that they enjoyed.

The script, music and animation style built up from a mood of suspense to one of pride and ownership with a good degree of attitude. The final frames of the movie remind the viewer how much they gained from the program and asks them to "Pass it On". Scroll over the link at the end!

Client Response:
After its success with their alumni, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto forwarded this movie to their colleagues at other Federations across Canada and the United States. I received requests from nearly each one of them to reproduce the movie with their logo and I was eventually commissioned by the umbrella organization United Jewish Communities to produce a movie at a good rate for over 50 member organizations, each with a customized ending. The exposure of this movie was enormous.