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"Save Israel" for CFOIC Heartland
Save Israel

Target Audience:
Christians who support the Jewish nation's God-given right to all of Biblical Israel.

To increase awareness of urgent issues threatening Jewish sovereignty over parts of Biblical Israel; to increase traffic to and to ultimately lead to donations for the organization.

Using a highly anticipated meeting between two newly elected leaders US President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as a backdrop, the script combines with the music and imagery to paint a powerful message of the danger currently facing Israel and then leads seamlessly into an equally powerful message of hope.

Some quotes from visitors speak volumes...
"Congratulations to whomever it was that put this together. It's a masterpiece, and packs a lot of truth into a short time!"

"I wanted to congratulate you on your new addition - the 'Save Israel' clip. It is, in a word, 'magnificent'. It's one of those things that you look at and say 'it's perfect'."

Client Response:
CFOIC Heartland has retained me as their webmaster. I have helped them leverage this movie through YouTube and Facebook and have updated their website to make use of the latest social networking tools as well.