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Three Israel Holidays
Three Israel Holidays

The Jewish Exchange (now defunct)

The original project goal was to develop a creative concept and implement the concept using Flash to illustrate the number 6 million in a way people might comprehend.

I chose the measurement of time and used the concept of 1 silent minute to elicit an emotion of guilt and of awe at the sheer magnitude of the number 6 million by posing a simple question: what if we kept a minute of silence for EACH of the 6 million Jews mudered by the Nazis?

The Holocaust Memorial Day movie was emailed by the company to its email list of about a thousand members. It multiplied web traffic tenfold. This led to a demand for further movies.

Client Response:
The obvious success of the emotional response in driving traffic to the company's website gave me the opportunity to create two more of these movies for Israel Independence Day and Jerusalem Day. Each film offers a unique message and the three movies combined were later translated into eight languages, packaged and distributed on disc as an educational tool to schools around the world.