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Other Video Work
powerful and effective

This section of my business is by far my favorite. I combine script writing, internet experience and music editing to produce a short, high-impact presentation or movie.

I work with the customer to define a goal, often with a measurable result. The goal is what we hope the user will do after seeing the movie. Often the goal is to increase website traffic through viral email marketing; and in that respect, these movies are always very successful.

The key to success is what I call a 'Level Heart'. First I identify an emotion that I believe will reach the the viewer's heart. An emotional response breaks through the mental defenses that people put up to protect themselves from the barrage of marketing messages they receive each day.

Every day we ignore requests to forward website links, videos and funny emails to all of our contacts. BUT, when something makes us cry or gives us chills or an intense rush of pride, then we are working with a Level Heart which calls the shots and the results speak for themselves.

Contact me about using a Level Heart Production for your business or cause.